Friday, February 17, 2012

Engineers must focus on results

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute hockey coach Seth Appert says his team must continue to be "process focused."
I don't often disagree with Appert; this is one of those times.
Against Quinnipiac tonight and Princeton on Saturday night, the Engineers must be "results focused."
In short, they must win both games, get at least three points.
They are at home and lost tight games to both teams while on the road.
Quinnipiac has more offensive skill than do the Engineers but RPI is a better defensive team. Rensselaer is at least as good of a team as Princeton, probably better overall.
To move up in the ECAC Hockey standings, the Engineers need to assert themselves and win both these games.
'They all remember': Appert said this after Quinnipiac's Yuri Bourahevic scored the game-winning goal with 1.6 seconds remaining on Dec. 3:
"Great example of you have to play out every shift...maybe we had some guys anticipating the horn being blown."
Appert says he doesn't think much about the end of that game -- so did several players -- but he also said, "I'm still(peed off) about it."
Perhaps the Engineers can exact a bit more motivation tonight with the memory of the end of that game.
RPI chat today: We'll have a chit-chat about RPI hockey herein at 4:30 today at Join in.


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