Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Burgdoefer back (perhaps); Others still out

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute hockey players Brock Higgs and Jacob Laliberte walked around Houston Field House before the team left for the University of Notre Dame on Wednesday, each with his fractured finger in a splint.
Each was asked for his return timetable.
"Hoping for the first week of November," said Higgs, RPI's scoring leader.
Laliberte, a highly-touted freshman, echoed those words.
So did head coach Seth Appert.
"We're hopeful, that for Brock and Jacob," Appert said, "we're hopeful that they'll be available for that first league weekend."
The Engineers open ECAC Hockey league action Nov. 4-5 at Clarkson and St. Lawrence. If RPI is at or near full strength, the Engineers should have a good chance to win both those games.
"That's not a definite timetable," Appert added. "They could be back next weekend but I don't think so. I think the earliest we'll see them is that (Nov. 4-5) weekend. So, we're hoping the healing process continues to go well as it has so far and that we'd be able to have them back for the league games."
Junior center Marty O'Grady is suffering from a concussion, so he has no due date.
"You just don't know (with concussions)," Appert said. "He could be back tomorrow. Well, not tomorrow, because there's protocol about how long you have to sit out after you're sympton-free.
"You just don't know with those things," Appert continued. "He could wake up tomorrow and feel like a million bucks. But at the same point and time, (Pittsburgh Penguins star) Sydney Crosby's had this for 10 months.
"So, you can't predict that, so you don't even try to," Appert said.
With RPI struggling to score -- no goal in 132 minutes, 31 seconds -- in addition to the injuries at forward, the return of junior winger Greg Burgdoefer from a shoulder injury would be quite welcome to Appert and the Engineers.
"He looks like he's getting close to being able to go," Appert said of Burgdoefer. "He's had the injury, he's had an illness, he's been pretty beat up in the past three weeks. But my gut (feeling)is, he's going to be healthy enough to play, which will be great. We could have used his presence last weekend in a tough building (two shutout losses at Ferris State) and I think certainly we can use his presence (at Notre Dame)."


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